Security | Networking, Surveillance and Access Control Systems

Commercial and industrial security technology continually evolves, as the scope of requirements for networking, surveillance and access control systems grows.

Undoubtedly the biggest evolutionary shift in security and surveillance technology has come as a result of the universal adoption of IP networking, and as such, traditional surveillance strategies are being remodelled.

Unlike traditional analogue systems, IP (network-based) security camera systems are capable of transmitting vision and audio from a network of cameras over IP network architecture, storing that footage on centralised servers, and allowing this footage to be accessed remotely. 

Madison Technologies distributes end-to-end IP CCTV Network solutions designed to serve a multitude of industries that rely on reliable security systems.

Industries that are reliant on Robust IP Security Solutions
  • Security
  • Emergency services
  • Transportation (ITS)
  • Festivals and events
  • Environmental monitoring  
  • Mining  
  • Utilities
  • Manufacturing
Applications that use IP Network Security Solutions
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Festivals and Events
  • Process/Plant Monitoring
  • Automation (Building, Factory & Industrial)
  • Intelligent Transport Systems
  • Access Control
  • Systems Analysis
  • Intercom

What are the components of IP Security Systems?  

> IP Video Surveillance Network Infrastructure

Madison offers wired and wireless network infrastructure for commercial, industrial and mission-critical IP Security applications.

Product Highlights:

  • Copper & Optical Fibre Cables
  • Connectors, Adaptors & Enclosures
  • Switches (Unmanaged & Managed)
  • Ethernet Media Converters
  • Cellular Modems & Routers
  • Industrial Wi-Fi

> IP CCTV Cameras and Accessories

Our range of IP CCTV Network products include features like IP65 rating, PoE, wide temperature ranges, video motion detection cameras, wireless IP, integrated digital video recorders, PTZ functionality and optional thermal image sensors. Cameras include dual lens, hemispheric, fixed dome and Rapid Deployment.

Product Highlights:

  • IP Cameras
  • Industrial NVR’s
  • Video Management Software
  • iPhone & iPad Apps
  • Wireless Video Solutions
  • Surveillance Software
  • Video Analytics
  • Custom IP CCTV Solutions

> IP Video Surveillance Network Security

As more companies require secure connections to field deployed M2M devices, and use IP surveillance in mission-critical application, particularly in industrial environments such as mining, utilities stations and transport, there is huge demand for network solutions that provide secure connectivity.

Product Highlights:

  • Secure Encrypted Connectivity via VPN
  • Fully Managed/Self-Managed Solutions
  • SLA Reporting Available
  • Network Management Solutions
  • Network Provider Independent

Brands we use to deliver Robust IP Security Networks in Australia

We distribute and support the following IP CCTV Camera Manufacturers:

  • MOBOTIX: We offer the full MOBOTIX range of thermal imaging cameras, dual lens, hemispheric lenses and housings for a range of mounting environments.  We are accredited by MOBOTIX to help you to build the IP Camera Network you need. more > 
  • MOXA: Moxa Industrial IP Camera Systems are designed for rugged and industrial applications, where extreme temperatures, vibration, humidity and other harsh environmental conditions impact the delivery of reliable video surveillance. more >

We distribute and support the following Cabling & Connectivity Manufacturers:

  • GARLAND CABLES, BELDEN CABLES: Our security cables are designed for use with security systems, intercom, sound audio, addressable systems, monitoring and detection and include multicore security, coaxial cables, figure 8 cables, Audio Visual & CCTV cables, Optical Fibre cables, control cables and composite cables. more >