Fibre Optic

In the last decade, new technology has brought many changes in the communications industry, and fibre optic solutions have overtaken copper as the dominant medium for high bandwidth connectivity systems.

Madison Technologies has the know-how to connect you with specialist optical fibre solutions. We can provide total product design, manufacturing and distribution services of broadcast, telecommunications and communications products and systems. We stock a variety of multimode and single mode optical fibre cables for in-building and inter-building applications.

Our range includes products and connectivity solutions that bring fibre to you – at home or at work. The extensive range offers true FttX, and includes connectivity solutions for the Exchange, Fibre to the Node, Fibre to the Home and more.

Fibre Optic Cables: Multimode and Single Mode Optical Fibre, Indoor/Outdoor Riser, Tight Buffered Indoor/Outdoor, Loose Tube External, Steel Wire Armoured, Sacrificial Sheaths, Broadcast Deployable and Pre-terminated Cable

Fibre Accessories: FOBOTS including Rack Mount, Din Rail and wall mount, external splice closures, patch leads, pigtails, adaptors, field mount connectors, mechanical splices, splice cassettes, splice protectors, connector end face cleaners and fibre optic strippers.

If it is Broadcast or AV fibre soultions that you are after then you can find our complete AV range on our MadisonAV Specialised AV Solutions website.

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