Our Story

When the Australian telecommunications industry was deregulated in 1991, Brisbane businessman David Redfern identified an opportunity to introduce new products and technologies to a market that had previously been closed. Madison Technologies was born. The first product Madison introduced was a device used in the USA for network terminations. By 1995, Madison had been successful in securing the first ever contract with Telstra for Network Termination Devices for the cable TV network.

From Telecommunications to Data and Broadcast

As the business grew from products and services for the telecommunications industry to entering the data networking and broadcast markets, David Redfern quickly realised that in order to achieve the desired reach and growth, acquiring businesses that complemented Madison’s product offering was the quickest route to reaching these business goals.

Connecting the dots….with cable

2003 presented an opportunity to acquire well-respected Australian cable manufacturer Garland Cables. This move created instant growth for Madison by boosting both the employee base and portfolio of products.

Following the natural evolution for a growing business, Madison expanded its operations and opened offices and distribution centres in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. To staff these centres, David Redfern implemented a policy of hiring professionals with a level of expertise that would stamp Madison as a company with the smarts to back up and support anything it sold. This expertise was then capitalised on with expansion into the Pro Audio Visual and Fibre Networking markets. 

What does all this cable connect to?

The next step was to expand into products and technologies connected by all this cable.  The acquisition of industrial networking company Paqworks in 2008 proved to fulfil the demand that David was seeing across his existing customer base and helped expand the business into new industry verticals.  

Once the Industrial Communications string was added to the Madison bow, it was simply good business to complement that specialty with expansion into  industrial wireless technologies. In 2010, with 70 specialist staff spread across Australia, Madison was poised to capitalise on some exciting infrastructure projects and opportunities.

No longer just a manufacturer and vendor of products, Madison Technologies had become a vendor of solutions. Over the years, the burgeoning team of sales engineers and technical support have worked on countless big-name infrastructure projects across Australia.