How to Gain Instant Visibility of Your Network's Security 



Security Management Solution

As ICS networks keep expanding and more networks continue to converge, it is important to understand the benefits of the defense-in-depth approach when designing security architecture. However, having cybersecurity building blocks deployed in an ICS network is not sufficient to completely protect critical assets from unauthorized access.

After determining that the network devices and network topology are secure, a network management policy [Security View]  needs to be established to ensure that the network remains secure throughout the entire network lifecycle. To achieve this, system operators should follow a series of guidelines. This will allow them to implement procedures that follow best practices to ensure that secure monitoring and management of the network take place as smoothly and reliably as possible.

According to a report published by ICS-CERT, a sound security management model should include the following stages:

  • Identify and secure network connections in the ICS
  • Harden network devices
  • Manage the human factor
  • Continually monitor and assess the network's security status
  • Respond to incidents and get networks back to normal operation quickly

Those with malicious intent can still access the secure network if individuals who use the ICS network do not adhere to the security management model. In order to guarantee that the network has not been compromised, check if the ICS network is following the management principles and ensure that all users have read the guidelines to ensure a more secure ICS network.



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Case Studies

With over 30 years of experience in industrial networking, Moxa draws on this expertise to help customers build secure networks by offering protection for PLCs, SCADA systems, factory networks, and remote access. Download the case studies to learn more.

Customer: Oil & Gas Service Company


High-capacity oil and gas pipelines are very volatile and often span thousands of kilometers. The pump stations along the pipeline are equipped with analyzers and PLCs. The company found it challenging to maintain a secure and stable network connection between the stations and the remote SCADA system because the PLCs and I/O devices did not have any security features.

Why Moxa

To close the gap between the OT and IT worlds, Moxa offers coordinated solutions that are designed to completely protect your industrial networks.

Defense-in-Depth Cybersecurity

Moxa’s product portfolio is based on the defense-in-depth concept that includes secure devices, secure network infrastructure, and security management.

Continuously Enhancing Security

Moxa takes a proactive approach to protect our products from security vulnerabilities and help our customers better manage security risks.

Development for IT/OT Security

Moxa has partnered with Trend Micro to respond to the growing security needs of industries as well as the security demands from IT/OT personnel.