Reliable Video Solutions Tailored for Transportation

Camera robustness, Hemispheric technology and decentralized image and event management make MOBOTIX the logical choice for mobile security.

Operators of public and private transportation or of commercial cargo fleets are required to be more alert than ever against  vandalism, theft and violence in order to stay competitive and  attractive for passengers in the future.  A key contribution is the decentralized, high-resolution video security technology from MOBOTIX; because perpetrators can be identified much faster with highly detailed and gapless recordings compared to  conventional video systems.

This resource from MOBOTIX outlines some of the solution offerings for transportation and mobility and covers the following:

  • Robust and Reliable in Every Vehicle at Any Speed
  • S15/16 FlexMount System is Ideal for Use in Vehicles
  • Cost-Efficient Video Security Solution
  • Proven Quality Made In Germany  

Publication Release Date: 07/2017