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Criminal damage, break-ins and theft became a thing of the past when the Euler BWM Dealership in Germany opted for a MOBOTIX video security solution with MOBOTIX thermal cameras.

Whether specializing in new or used cars, dealerships are always a popular target for break-ins and theft. The Euler Group BMW dealerships in Kaiserslautern and Landstuhl are no different. Criminal damage caused by people breaking into vehicles or removing rims used to occur nearly every day. The Euler Group implemented MOBOTIX video security solutions as a preventative measure in the refurbished used car dealership in Kaiserslautern and the existing new car dealership in Landstuhl.

Impressed By The Image Quality

Construction of the used car dealership in Kaiserslautern was completed at the beginning of 2015. SCHIRRA IT was commissioned with protecting the building, along with the entire premises. “I sent test recordings from the MOBOTIX video systems together with our quote. The cameras have an extremely high resolution of five megapixels and light-sensitive HD premium lenses, with the ability to record up to 30 times more detail than analog cameras. The image quality and MOBOTIX’s thermal technology were clear to see so we were awarded the contract,” explains Christof Schirra, CEO of SCHIRRA IT. What’s more, the quote was significantly more affordable than offers from other providers. The price can mainly be attributed to the video solution’s decentralized concept. Each camera features a highspeed processor as part of the decentralized concept. The recording can be stored to the camera’s SD card and transferred to a network storage device if required. Both data and image processing and the encoding are performed by the camera itself. The PC or video control center now serves purely for viewing and managing the cameras, but not for analysis or recording. The Euler Group employees are also able to view the camera images using the MOBOTIX App on their smartphone or tablet.

Ten Cameras Protect Used Car Dealership

SCHIRRA IT installed a total of ten cameras in the used car dealership in Kaiserslautern between January and February 2015. This includes four M15 thermal cameras with an additional optical sensor, five M15 day/night cameras and an S15 for monitoring the cash register. The new modules of the four M15 thermal cameras measure the thermal radiation of objects and persons and therefore work even in complete darkness. It is also possible to reliably detect movements at night in connection with the MxActivitySensor motion detection software. Only changes in location will trigger a signal. By day, too, thermal modules provide an advantage, because they also capture objects moving in the shadows, in semi-darkness or behind bushes. However, if leaves or other objects fly about or if it rains, the sensor does not trigger an event. This significantly reduces the number of false alarms. “This plays a very crucial role because the cameras are connected with a security company and reliable calibration is essential here. The security company is notified when someone is moving about on the premises,” explains Mr. Schirra. “The security staff can view what is happening on the premises in the live image. They will inform the police if it is an unauthorized person.” The five day/night cameras deliver optimized images during the day and at night. As a result, the security company is able to use the thermal cameras to detect whether there really are unauthorized persons on the premises. The employee can see if there are any unusual occurrences in the live image, thanks to the M15 day/night cameras. The images are also razor-sharp because of the 5-megapixel technology of the M15.

Furthermore, the video solutions have been programmed to automatically make an announcement if someone moves across the premises outside of business hours. The ‘visitor’ is then notified that he is trespassing on the premises and the security company has been informed. This alone is already a deterrent and ensures that many trespassers quickly leave the premises. The compact S15 monitors the cash register area in the used car dealership in Kaiserslautern. The universally deployable, easy concealable video system features a highly detailed resolution of up to 2 x 6 megapixels. The IP camera has two miniature sensor modules, which are connected to the camera housing with a sensor cable.

No More Incidents In The New Car Dealership

SCHIRRA IT also installed an end-to-end video solution in the new car dealership in Landstuhl in March 2015. No cameras had previously been used here, which meant that the new car dealership had repeatedly fallen victim to vandalism and break-ins over the past months. Incidents two to three times a week became commonplace, despite the fact that a security company came to patrol two or three times a night. Four optical S15 sensors have also been installed, in addition to four S15 cameras with thermal sensors for secure motion detection, even without light. These deliver optimal images of the outdoor area day and night. A M15 day/night camera has also been installed to deliver images of a very high quality. An S15 day/night camera was installed in Landstuhl in order to protect the cash register area, similarly to Kaiserslautern. The cameras clearly seem to act as a deterrent, because the car dealership in Landstuhl has not been subject to any incidents since installation of the video solution. Yvonne Hilgendorff, Security Officer for the Euler Group in Frankfurt, is delighted with the results: “Thanks to the installed cameras with thermal sensors, there are barely any false alarms and the security company can provide the police with accurate information. The decentralized concept allows significantly fewer cameras to be used, meaning there is no need for expensive video software. We were able to save quite a lot on costs and are very impressed by the MOBOTIX solutions.”

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