Strathearn Village Greenfield Development

The Strathearn Greenfield development is a master planned site offering retirement living.

The Project

The development installed a GPON network as its base core infrastructure to provide residents with internet, voice, IP surveillance, access control, nurse call, free to air and Foxtel services over a unified fibre platform.

The Solution

Using the GPON platform, we’re delivering a wide variety of IP services to residents including high speed internet, voice using NEC VOIP technology, IP surveillance using Sony and Milestone products, Access Control using Inner Range Integriti products, Nurse Call, Free-to-air and Foxtel all over a unified fibre platform. 

The Benefits 

From the residents perspective, one of the great benefits is going to be having that stable connectivity to the outside world and being able to engage on a social level, through be it a Skype or teleconferencing type solution, for example, communication with grandkids across the world. This will certainly add value.  The infrastructure in place allow us to capture and build upon emerging technologies to enable us to deliver healthcare benefits to our residents in care, whether they are in the retirement living environment or within the aged care setting, and having the right sort of infrastructure in place allows us to build upon that. Matthew Downie – CEO, Strathearn Village.

By implementing GPON technology they’re able to provide services to their clients and generate revenue off those services over that platform. Utilising technology to generate revenue to provide better services is the only way really to gain a competitive advantage and that is definitely the way of the future.. Scott Lawton – Consultant, IT Integrity.

Madison will definitely be our go-to vendor when it comes to future telecommunications projects.  Their pre-sales and post-sales support is invaluable. They sent down technicians from their Queensland branch to our Sydney office to do pre-rollout bench testing of all the associated IP services.  This was an invaluable aspect of the installation as it ensured a seamless rollout on site.  I now have several trained RDT technicians thanks to the support of Madison, and I feel more than comfortable sending them out to site, or remoting in to deal with support issues. Daniel Sullivan – Managing Director, Red Dog Group.