Emtelle is a manufacturer of fibreflow blown fibre solutions, fibre ready cabling systems, ducting and access chambers for access networks and FttH (Fibre To The Home) networks. Air-blown fibre is a method of installing fibre optic cables that relies on the flow of compressed air easing the fibre all the way to its destination – sometimes 1km away. A set of rollers or caterpillar drive typically feeds the fibre into the microduct. Ideally suited to the Access Network (‘The Last Mile’) which compared to trunk routes has traditionally been difficult to plan due to intricacies of route and intermittent customer uptake.  With blown fibre systems like fibreflow, a low-cost microduct route is installed, and fibre only added as and when it is needed, creating a fibre-lean solution. When a new connection is required, there is no need to re-dig the street, just select an empty microduct and blow fibre in.