Who Needs Sound Masking?

Sound Masking is beneficial for a variety of applications.

Corporate Offices

Corporate offices feature a variety of workspaces that require their own unique solutions for improving worker comfort, productivity, and speech privacy. Modern open offices contain far more reflective materials, such as glass and wood, than ever before. Then, combine those factors with more benching and less private offices. While these changes have made workplaces more aesthetically pleasing and collaborative, it has also affected the acoustics. Sound Masking helps improve the acoustic environment. This enables employees to feel more comfortable and less distracted at work.


Improves the acoustic neutrality of spaces and confidentiality during consultations. By promoting patient rest and relaxation. Sound masking has been shown to have a measurable positive impact on responses to the HCAHPS survey question. 

Studies show that patients in rooms with sound masking find that it helps to shorten the time it takes to fall asleep and prevents unwanted noises from disrupting their sleep.


Law offices, law enforcement agencies, and courtrooms require a high level of speech privacy to ensure that justice is carried out fairly. Victims and witnesses need to feel comfortable giving statements, while the accused needs to discuss their case with their counsel privately.

Call Centers

These layouts allow facility managers to maximize their existing space while keeping construction costs to a minimum. Call center workstations are typically small, arranged in 1.22m x 1.22m sections with short partitions.

This translates into a space with a lack of acoustic blocking and absorption, creating an environment full of distractions and privacy concerns.

Government & Military

Improves confort and confidentiality in closed and open office configurations. Government offices and military facilities collect and use sensitive information to carry out their missions.  Typical methods for preventing unauthorised access to personal information or classified proprietary and tactical information focus on securing computer servers and electronic communications. Securing verbal communications from being overheard or recorded by specialised audio equipment is often underserved due to high construction and labor costs.


Sound Masking solutions help protect speech privacy by making it more difficult to overhear people speaking. In addition to providing a more secure and private environment for your students, sound masking can also help reduce distractions. Adding sound masking in education settings, such as to your libraries, student centers, classrooms, and other study spaces will ensure minimal disruptions to students while they are studying or taking tests.


Preventing unauthorised access to personal information. Financial firms, such as retail banks, call centers and board rooms, have a responsibility to safeguard their clients’ personal financial information and help prevent pretexting. Pretexting is the practice of getting another individual’s personal information, under false pretenses, to get credit in the victim’s name or steal their assets. Many firms have established effective security measures to protect the data stored on their servers, but overlook the need to safeguard client information fully during its collection and use.


Retail establishments feature a variety of different spaces that require their own unique solution to improve worker productivity and enhance speech privacy and comfort for customers.  The needs of a car dealership will differ greatly from the needs of a retail store, however, Sound Masking can help drastically improve both of these environments, as well as other retail applications.


Improves privacy between rooms, in the lobby and conference areas.

Professional Services

Simple and effective solution for confidentiality and protection of your clients confidential information.



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