Simple Serial-to-Ethernet Solutions from Moxa

Connecting Serial Devices is Easier Than You Think.

Moxa offer easy-to-use solutions to ensure various serial devices can be connected to an Ethernet-based network or to the cloud. Enhanced security features and mass device management tools make system operation easy for engineers.

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Keeping Connectivity Simple for Your Serial Devices

Continuously evolving technologies in the automation industry are helping industrial applications optimize their operational efficiency and increase productivity. For example, data that continuously update operators on machine status make it possible for them to act immediately when downtime occurs, or even help them avoid downtime through predictive maintenance analytics. To achieve optimized operation efficiency, you first need to connect your legacy devices to collect data from them and transmit it to your on-site system or cloud system for analytics.

Devices at field sites have multiple interfaces and use different communication protocols, making connectivity complex and challenging for engineers. Moxa has more than 30 years of expertise in connectivity to enable reliable network solutions for customers. With our comprehensive serial-to-Ethernet product portfolio, we have the solutions to simplify and execute any of your connectivity demands.

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