MxActivitySensor 2.0

MxActivitySensor 2.0 with Intelligent 3D Motion Detection

Content published by Mobotix:

Achieve unique advantages thanks to the combination of MxActivitySensor 2.0 and the event logic of MOBOTIX:

•    Detects motion in predefined areas and notifies relevant and important events
•    Differentiates objects depending on size and perspective, thus reducing false alarms caused by birds and small animals
•    Reduces false alarms caused by rain, snow or shaking trees and camera poles
•    Enables an event based recording and reduces storage and bandwidth requirements
•    In the case of an alarm, the camera reacts autonomously and for example, can notify security services, broadcast an audio message or can switch on any illumination.
•    In order to restrict relevant security events even further, it is possible to combine other sensor technologies
•    Easy configuration via reference windows in near and far distance range
•    This 3D motion detection is a standard feature in every non-hemispheric camera from 2017 onwards and available for all x14/24 and x15/25 models via firmware upgrade.


MxActivitySensor is a software sensor which detects the movement of the entire object.
Object sizes are defined with an automatic perspective calculation of the camera.

Object Size

MxActivitySensor 2.0 provides a higher efficiency and reliability with not only reducing false alarms caused by disturbances, but also differentiates moving objects based on size.



Roof of a large building

The camera always keeps an eye on the essentials and only notifies security-related events. In this case objects like birds are ignored, but humans are reliably detected.

Monitoring of a fence around a large piece of property

It is possible not to receive false alarms caused by small straying animals like a dog but to be notified when a human enters the secured area.