Enabling Wi-Fi on your Cybertec Industrial Router

Cybertec devices are industry leading cellular modems, providing exceptional performance and reliable communications over the cellular network. While the Cybertec is excellent at what it does, there may be some situations where adding Wi-Fi to your Cybertec can expand the capabilities.

Providing local wireless access to the device your Cybertec is connected to, enables you to localise troubleshooting, or easily monitor the device while it is being remotely accessed.

Other benefits of adding Wi-Fi to your Cybertec device include:

  •      Allowing local users to access the connected device at the same time as remote users
  •      Having a dedicated Wi-Fi access point, providing better security and access control for local users
  •      Providing troubleshooting support via local Wi-Fi connection
  •      Allowing greater flexibility in wireless access point options (eg indoor or outdoor mounting, MiMo)

Industrial networking brand, Moxa, offer best in class Wi-Fi Access Points that can be paired with Cybertec devices to create a highly configurable solution.

Adding a Moxa AWK access point can allow multiple wireless clients to access the cellular gateway and extend the utilisation of a single Cybertec over a greater area, or allow a device in a cellular black spot to get coverage by connecting it over a local wireless network.

The Moxa AWK Series of Wi-Fi Access Points includes 2.4 and 5Ghz options, are available in an outdoor IP68 rated enclosure or rugged metal enclosure and include a range of antenna options.

If you’d like more information about Cybertec or Moxa Wi-Fi Access Points, contact the Industrial team at Madison.