Cybertec LTE Router offering gets Green Light from Main Roads

Published 2015

Earlier this year, a Department of Main Roads undertook the process of upgrading its remote connectivity infrastructure along a major highway section and evaluated a number of different technologies to upgrade from a traditional dial up remote access. 

With the decision made to upgrade to an IP based system, various solutions including ADSL, VDSL, Fibre and 3G/4G were all evaluated however the cellular solution was deemed to be the most cost effective, easily deployable and meet the minimum requirements set by the department.

In order to future proof the upgrade, Main Roads identified a potential requirement for a higher level of bandwidth to sustain the Variable Signage and CCTV requirements, and as such, started to investigate suitable LTE solutions to meet the bandwidth requirements as well as the environmental conditions.

Upon consultation with Madison, the new Cybertec 2455 LTE High Speed Cellular Router was suggested and evaluation of the Cybertec 2455 proved that the LTE device had the same ease of management, reliability and functionality that was experienced with the Cybertec 3G devices, without needing to design a bespoke solution.

Main Roads investigated and assessed numerous other LTE offerings, but found within a day of testing, that the Cybertec 2455 functionality along with ease of use as a plug n play device exceeded expectations and requirements. 

The Cybertec 2455 LTE High Speed Cellular Routers have now been successfully deployed into the field where they continue to perform as designed.

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