Cybertec Expands 4GX Range

Industrial communications hardware specialist Cybertec have expanded the range of 700 MHz (B28) frequency enabled LTE industrial routers.   

Earlier this year, the Australian manufacturing company released their leading cellular router with compatibility to Telstra’s 4GX network. Prompted by the market success of the 2455X, Cybertec has now incorporated access to the less-congested Band 28 into some of it’s other popular models.

Cybertec’s expansion further into the 4GX band enables the routers to operate in locations previously too congested or where the signal strength was not strong enough due its installation location.  The lower frequency of Band 28 enables a greater coverage reach in rural locations, and also enables far better connectivity and speed when installed inside buildings where the 700Mhz band is able to more easily penetrate.

Both the 2155X and 2255X cellular routers are equipped with fallback to 3G – designed to provide the highest level of reliability for industrial applications. Whilst the 2255X version additionally incorporates integrated digital I/O which provides alarm/event triggering and interlocking capabilities as well as the ability to set/reset remote devices over the cellular network.

For more information about each of the Cybertec devices in the 4GX range, click the images below.