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Telecommunications Tower Solutions

When it comes to installations at the top of mobile phone towers, 3M has a number of closure solutions that not only help to mitigate against the elements, they also look to help speed up the installation process, resulting in considerable savings on labour and operating expenses as well as minimising the requirement for ongoing maintenance.


Slim Lock Closures

3M's Slim Lock closures are the ideal solution for high density RF connections.  They are particularly suited for installations on mobile phone towers where connections are exposed to weather and other elements such as birds.  

The innovate, one-handed closures are reusable, re-enterable and tool-less, making them a time saving, cost effective solution for the telecommunications industry.

They can be used at RF connection points on both the antenna and remote radio unit (RRU) in a fibre to the antenna (FTTA) installation.

Click here for more information on 3M's Slim Lock Closures


Cold Shrink Cable Joint Sealing Kits

3M™ Cold Shrink is ideal for wireless communications towers and other exposed cable interfaces.  The sealing kits offer a safe, reliable connection on coaxial cables and offer some real advantages over other cable sealing methods.

Once you have prepared the connection, position the tube and simply remove the internal plastic core from the factory-expanded rubber sleeve.  The sleeve will return to its original diameter, providing constant radial pressure on the joint, forming a reliable water resistant seal, as well as helping connectors stay together during wind and vibration.... all without heat or special tools. 

Click here for more information on 3M's Cold Shrink Cable Joint Kits



Armorcast Structural Material is an ideal solution for sheath repairs and structural strengthening of cable, splices and auxiliary seals.  Armorcast creates an air-tight, permanent bond when combined with Scotch Scotch® Vinyl Mastic VM Tape and 3M™ Scotchrap™.

The tacky fibreglass reinforced material adheres both to itself and to polyethylene or lead. Since it does not require a flame, electricity, or chemicals this is an ideal product to use in most hazardous environments, including manholes and vaults.

Click here for more information on 3M's Armorcast


Tower Dome Terminal

3M™ Tower Dome Terminals offer solutions for fibre-to-the-antenna (FTTA) cabling configurations commonly used in advanced 3G and LTE/4G networks, including trunked fibre cables, power cables and hybrid cables. The terminals are used at the tower site where fibre and power feeder cables connect to the jumper cables leading to remote radio units (RRUs).

Click here for more information on 3M's Tower Dome Terminal 


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