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The Epping Club’s HD Investment Pays Off

In this article by Digital Signage Magazine, Christopher Holder went to the The Epping Club to see the new digital signage fit-out.  And they saw more than they were expecting at this 'five star' venue.

The Epping Club  is the ‘five star’ club. And there’s plenty about this Sydney club’s amenity and fitout that’s a ‘cut above’. But the club’s marketing department was struggling with a digital signage network that was slow, clunky and outdated.

That’s all changed with a network of HD displays using Spinetix media players and SpinetiX Elementi scheduling/content creation software. The messaging and the marketing intent stays the same but the execution and the workflow has improved out of sight.

Adam Kruhak, the club’s Marketing & Graphics Executive: “The new system works so much faster, in fact, the whole package is markedly better. Previously it might take me 30 to 45 minutes to load a slide, and any file larger than a megabtye tended to freeze it. Now, it’s instantaneous.

“In fact, anyone can load content. Our functions department wouldn’t call themselves computer savvy, but they’re loading up routine slides. And that saves my department time.”

There are eight advertising/promotion screens and additional function room small-format screens for wayfinding.Epping Club

Most of the displays are on a slow-burn 10-minute loop for those areas with long dwell times (the gym, for example). The main foyer has its own schedule, pushing key events and promotions harder on a shorter three-execution loop. Furthermore, the Functions displays have a weather RSS feed and news headline ticker.

The 47-inch LG WV30B displays are magnificent and do justice to Marketing’s hi-res graphics, especially in intimate areas such as the elevator where every pixel is sacred. The screens have a super-narrow bezel, ensuring the displays cut a crisp profile.

More LG displays are in the restaurant, serving as digital menuboards. Updating the menu is as easy as exporting a .csv file into Elementi. (The next step is to integrate the Micros system so that prices follow the POS system automatically.)

In all there are 12 SpinetiX HMP200 players. SpinetiX media players are renowned for being bulletproof and futureproof. And it’s easy to see how the Epping club will grow into the system as its signage ambitions begin to expand. Already Adam is talking about the prospects of putting live odds under the football broadcasts, while the four screens in the main foyer will doubtlessly be addressed as a four-panel array for specialised content when the occasion demands it.

Finally, special mention must go to Justin Baker, Sasha Paceskoski and the Intellect Projects Group, which installed the full system without the club needing to missing a beat. (Nothing quite like having a team of five pros clocking on at 4.30am to get a job done!)

Epping Club:

Madison Technologies (SpinetiX): 1800 00 77 80 

LG Electronics Australia: 0417 266 919 or

Intellect Projects Group: 0414 494 252 or

This article first appeared in Digital Signage Magazine and November 2013.

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Written By Christopher Holder.