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Southpoint Southbank

Madison connects a new lifestyle destination.

The Project

Southpoint Southbank is the latest addition to Brisbane’s premier entertainment precinct. It will not only encompass luxury residential apartments, office space and quality dining and retail experiences but also Brisbane’s second Emporium hotel. Our Client, Perigon, appointed Madison Technologies to provide an integrated communications network to support their communication requirements, specifically with the GPON network.

The Solution

As the gold partner for Huawei Enterprise Solutions, Madison was perfectly positioned to offer the latest networking equipment to suit this converged fibre solution. Our team engineered a network design to suit the project specifics and we provided ongoing technical support including adaptation to the bespoke requirements for this development.

The Benefits

Madison Technologies adapted carrier grade gpon equipment and successfully deployed a secure and smart integrated network. By designing and installing a converegd fibre backbone we were able to save kilometers of copper cable, hours of onsite labour, achieve a saving in precious space in risers and racks, enery from reduced active hardware; whilst all the while increasing the customer experience through seamless wired and wireless connectivity. Madison Technologies and Perigon were able to realise the goal of implementing a smart building integrated infrastructure, which will be integral in Southpoint Southbank successfully evolving over time and continuing to exceed the guest experience for years to come.


  • SPATIAL REQUIREMENTS reduced by up to 90%
  • HOURS to deploy reduced by 50%
  • ENERGY SAVINGS reduced by up to 70%

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