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Roadworx Sound Masking - Equipment & Software

Sound Masking offers innovative, simple and intelligently designed solutions to the problems of workplace privacy and acoustic distractions.

Roadworx Sound Masking components

Controller - 
A complete sound masking system packed with advanced technologies yet simple to use with its touch screen interface. Tailored for small and medium offices of approximately 465 m² or less, the RWSM-C2 provides optimum sound masking performance at a reasonable price.

Speakers / Emitters 
Surface-mount, flush-mount, , flat, hidden The speakers can be daisy chained.   

Active Volume Control Sensor - 
The SMS-SEN active volume control sensor is used to adjust the masking sound volume based on the ambient noise activity level. This adjustment is possible due to an advanced signal processing technique that can precisely distinguish the activity in the room from the sound masking. This distinction is essential to achieve a stable and accurate control of the sound masking volume. Transitions are gradual so occupants will not notice the change of masking levels.


Sound Masking Speaker Volume Control Knob - 
For some applications, it’s useful to have a volume control knob directly on the speaker line. This is useful namely to provide a different volume for each speaker line or to provide a different volume for a sub portion of a zone. Use the RWSM-SK-VC volume knob for this application.

Roadworx Sound Masking Zone Volume Knob - 
The Roadworx Sound Masking controllers are equipped with 2 inputs for volume control knobs which can control sound masking and/or music on any given zone or group of zones. The RWSM-ZN-VC volume knob interfaces directly with the Sound Masking controller volume knob input.

Centralised Control Panel - 
Simple and easy masking sound and music volume adjustment in any zone.

Administrator Software - 
Project settings can easily be applied to specific masking zones as the office layout is visually integrated in the management software.

User-friendly mobile app -
makes it easy to control masking, paging and back-ground music volume from any Android or Apple smartphone.

Intuitive Touchscreen Control Panel - 
The touchscreen allows for simple, easy and secure masking volume adjust-ments via a sleek, centralized wall-mounted touchscreen panel.


For more information on Sound Masking solutions by Roadworx, get in touch with us on 1800 00 77 80