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Garland Fire Resistant Cable Range

Garland, a well-known and respected brand in the cable industry, and owned and operated by Madison Technologies, are proud to introduce a new Fire Resistant Cable Range.

Garland's new range of 2 hour fire resistant cables has been designed to operate in the most arduous fire conditions. Tested for 2 hours in extreme conditions where temperatures exceed 1000°C and then subjected to a high pressure water spray, these cables can be used in areas where fire fighting systems include sprinklers.

Capable of resisting cutting forces of up to 30 kg and impacts from a 2.5 kg weight, these cables are suited for most office and residential applications or where installation height allows the use of a WS51-W rated product.

Being of LSZH construction and satisfying the circuit integrity requirements of AS/NZS 3013, these cables generate non-toxic fumes allowing staff and residents to exit a fire situation without the fear of exposure to acidic fumes or compounds. The UV stabilized LSZH construction also allows these cables to be used inside and outside buildings and makes them eligible for GreenStar credits.

Available in 0.75 and 1.0 sqmm sizes, they come in both screened and unscreened versions and in various pack sizes to suit various installations.

To find out more about the Fire Resistant Cable Range, contact the Cabling & Connectivity sales team on 1800 66 99 99.