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NCIG Passive Network Upgrade

The Newcastle Coal Infrastructure Group (NCIG) Coal Terminals in the port of Newcastle are an integral part of Australia’s coal supply chain. The site’s shiploader machines have an average ship loading capacity of 10,500 tonnes per hour and peak loading capacity of 12,500 tonnes per hour to accommodate continuing loading (NCIG, 2013). As coal mines across NSW increased productivity, NCIG could see that the ship loading capacity would hold the company back if expansion did not occur.

Call in the industrial network experts

NCIG approached Belden’s Mathew Dwyer and national Belden distributor Madison Technologies to jointly design and supply an industrially hardened and easy-to-maintain passive network infrastructure.

“Belden and Madison were selected because of the support they offer, as well the quality of the product for this application” Daniel Sparkes, Electrical Project Engineer, NCIG.