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Moxa Real Time Remote Monitoring

Unmanned monitoring systems located in remote areas are constrained by the limits imposed by long range communications. A cost-effective medium traditionally used for this type of application is radio communications. Although cost-effective, for this application, the radio communications network was limited by the data transmission speeds, times and the increased risk of data loss as the network area expanded.

Advanced cellular networks and technologies have enabled system integrators and delivers new potentials for remote monitoring solutions. 

With cellular communications network, engineers can build and easy-to-deploy, reduces site time for configuration and maintenance. By distributing the monitoring and control communications over the cellular network, system integrator can deliver high bandwidth applications like& video surveillance and critical low-bandwidth alarms.

In this paper we discuss the applications that involve the monitoring and control of data from extremely distant pipeline, pump, and wayside equipment with a special emphasis on the technical challenges inherent in remote data acquisition.