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Madison Tech awarded “Fearless” Supplier at nbn™ Strategic Supplier Summit 2016 for Aust Innovation

On Thursday the 8th of September, Madison Technologies was awarded the “Fearless” Supplier award at the nbn™ Strategic Supplier Summit, held at the new Sydney development at Barangaroo in the KPMG Office. 

There were seven awards presented at the Summit, the top award of Supplier of the Year and six awards in three categories that align with nbn™’s values. In each of the values categories (“One Team”, “Fearless” and “We Deliver”) there was a Winner and a Highly Commended award.

The Fearless Award was presented to Madison Technologies General Manager - Telco, Larry O’Toole for the innovation, product design, agile process and fearless contribution to developing the Madison Retrofit Pillar, which adds cabling capacity at the pillar without disturbing or disrupting the existing pillar cable during the rollout.  This innovative solution has decreased field installation time from four days to three hours.

Commenting on the win, Madison Technologies General Manager - Telco, Larry O’Toole said, “Our team is excited and honoured to receive the Fearless Supplier Award. We feel it’s testament to the relationship between Madison and nbn™. Despite the uncertainty and risks of the timeline involved in this project, both companies moved forward in complete confidence and trust.”

In presenting Larry O’Toole with the Fearless Award, nbn™ Chief Financial Officer, Stephen Rue emphasised the innovation, dedication and fast turnaround by the team at Madison Technologies.  In particular, he noted the following highlights from the timeline of the Retrofit Pillar Project:

  • What began as a whiteboard discussion in August 2015, became CAD designs just three weeks later
  • A working prototype was installed at the nbn™ test ground in November 2015
  • Madison Technologies delivered volume rollout in June 2016 having built a factory from the ground up

Stephen Rue also noted the significant advantages this innovation has delivered for the nbn™:

  • There is no disruption to Telstra services 
  • Field installation time was reduced from four days to three hours (which greatly speeds up the FTTN rollout)
  • Gas flames and gas bottles have been eliminated providing safer installation
  • Pre-tested, factory-terminated Terminal Units increase reliability significantly

As Larry O’Toole accepted the award, he made special mention of the contribution from Prysmian in developing and delivering a 400pr skinny cable that would allow even more space savings in the Retrofit Pillar design.  Prysmian also accepted a Highly Commended award for achievements in the “We Deliver” category at the event.

The Madison Retrofit Pillar is currently being rolled out at peak production, the first shipment was delivered to  nbn™ at the end of June, with the install of the Retrofit Pillar beginning in the middle of July 2016.