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Intelligent Transport Essentials - Liverpool Busway

The Liverpool-Parramatta T-way is a designated bus way in the western suburbs of Sydney, Australia. The 31km bus way connects the major regional centres of Liverpool and Parramatta. The backbone fibre network along the T-Way is the communications pathway for the Intelligent Transport System (ITS)  and includes dynamic signage, IP CCTV and the Traffic Management System. When it came time to increase the network capacity; telecommunications design, construction and maintenance contractor Visionstream was brought in to make it happen.

To repair or replace; that is the question.

Visionstream weighed up whether to repair or replace the network. On analysis, Visionstream determined that replacing the fibre network and Ethernet switches would be the most efficient way of increasing the capacity of the network. 

Once the approach was decided, Visionstream selected Madison Technologies to recommend and supply the Ethernet switch solution.