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Integrated Network Solutions for Intelligent Transportation

This publication takes a look at Moxa ITS solutions for Advanced Transportation Management Systems, Intelligent Tunnels, Intelligent E-Bus and Electronic Toll Collection (ETC), with solution diagrams, key product highlights and case studies.  

Moxa’s ITS solutions offer highly versatile and collaborative capabilities to control and monitor traffic conditions, including road signs and signals, video surveillance, weather and air condition measurements, IP surveillance, fire detection, and emergency systems.

Roadway safety and efficiency depend on real-time information and communication more than ever. To increase traffic flow, reduce congestion, and improve incident response times, Moxa provides Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) solutions that collect and transmit real-time information about traffic conditions to traffic management centers and motorists.

From roads to tunnels to bridges, intelligent transportation systems rely on a myriad of data about traffic flow, speed, and density, as well as weather conditions, and surveillance video. Moxa’s industrial Ethernet solutions facilitate real-time convergence of various sensor data, voice, and video by providing high-speed throughputs and a wide range of network interfaces, such as Ethernet, WLAN, serial, PoE, DSL, and various video compressions. 

The comprehensive solutions employ a wide array of Ethernet connectivity, I/O data acquisition, embedded computers, and HD surveillance products. All solution ingredients address extreme reliability, smart redundancy, easy manageability, and a lower total cost of ownership.

Brochure Release Date: Mar 7, 2018