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Integrate 2018

International Convention Center Sydney, August 22-24  

Madison Technolgies had the pleasure of exhibiting at this year's Integrate show in Sydney.

In showcasing the latest commercial display panels, interactive touch screens, digital signage, commercial installed sound products, assistive listening solutions, sound masking technologies and AV conferencing products, we exhibited a full suite of audio-visual solutions.

SpinetiX HMP 300 and 350 Hyper Media Players, coupled with Elementi 2018 software were tasked with driving the majority of the digital signage on the stand, and content relevant to many of the major Madison AV brands was plentiful. Not only did this tell the story of brands such as Cambridge sound Management and AUDIOropa, it showcased the use of digital signage to do so.

The SpinetiX HMP350 players were also used to drive a video wall, utilising 2 x Sharp PNV550 screens, and featuring a diverse range of content whereby we were able to demonstrate the “data driven content” functionality of Elementi 2018, and showcase many of the included apps and widgets. Through Elementi, users are now able to link social platforms such as Instagram and Facebook as well as content curated within the program, simultaneously. Our live Facebook and Instagram feeds were there for all to contribute to and on display.

Elementi demonstrations were also carried out via the Sharp PN50TC1 HuddleBoard. The SpinetiX and Audio Solutions displays were positioned such that two SHARP  43” monitors on either side of a plinth enabled us to demonstrate the signal looping capability of the Sharp PNY series display panels, ideal for screens in this scenario where the same content is to be displayed on both.

The team from Sharp Australia were on hand to demonstrate their PN80TC3A Interactive Touchscreen and the PN50TC1 HuddleBoard. Through demonstrations they were able to educate Integrate attendees of these multifunctional products designed for smooth and effortless communication in a wide range of contexts.

The highly responsive touch pen technology of the PN80TC3A allows for several people to write on the same screen at the same time or, in some cases, specifically in the down-time during the show, the touchscreen was used with a Nintendo which managed to draw a crowd for the inaugural Integrate “Street Fighter” competition.

When it all became too much, coffee was available from the “Sharp Café”, featuring a menu board driven by the Sharp “Lite Signage” software, perfect for such simple applications.

The hero display product of the stand was the PNR903A - a towering 90” screen large enough to display life size content, ideal for retail locations, educational institutes, conference rooms, and public spaces. We featured a range of content to demonstrate the ability to use the product within a diverse array of environments.

The team from Yamaha Music Australia joined us to present their range of Commercial Installed Sound solutions. Featuring a range of speaker options such as VXS, VXL and VXC series, coupled with MRX series processors and XMV series amplifiers, demonstrations were plentiful, whilst the MTX / MRX editor software, via a Sharp PN50TC1 HuddleBoard, was on hand to make changes to the setup and management of the system.

A Dante audio network brought many of the solutions together, and the featured products from Yamaha, Clockaudio, Studio Technologies, Stewart Audio and Amphenol were seamlessly integrated.

The Integrate show was a great opportunity for us to educate the simplicity of this technology.

Assistive listening solutions supplier, AUDIOropa (by Humantechnik) displayed a range of products including, induction loop systems, and showcased their new Digital Loop Amplifiers for the first time. These new Digital Amplifiers are only 1RU high, and only a half RU in width. Also on display was their range of IR Transmitters, the Pro IR 400, and the Pro IR 202, under-chin and wearable receivers, and their range of RF based products.

We had the capability to show the simple-to- use loop designer software, and to train customers on how to design their own induction loop systems.

Camera brands HuddleCamHD and PTZ Optics were also on display, with a selection of live cameras, all which could be demonstrated and controlled by the attendees. Featured models were the, HuddleCam 3X, HuddleCam 10X, HuddleCam 20X and the SimplTrack. From PTZ Optics, the 12X USB, 12X NDI and the 20X Zcam models were on hand.

All of the cameras were controllable via a joystick, and connected back to a PC running a host of software to demonstrate the impressive capabilities of this product range.

To see some of the content on video click on the links below:

Video Wall:

90” display:


Until next year…