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GPON - The Future of Networked Services

Residential developments that deliver modern services and facilities are in increasing demand. By uniting networks over a Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON), property developers can deliver networked services such as VoIP, broadband, IPTV, security, movies-on-demand and access control to residents easily and cost-effectively. Wentworth Point in inner west Sydney is one such development that delivers multiple networked services to over 3000 residents via a GPON system.

Secure and Flexible Network 

Service provider HomeLinx was commissioned by the developers at Wentworth to build and manage a secure and flexible smart networked service for all apartments at Wentworth Point. These services comprise security, access control, broadband internet, movies-on-demand and IPTV. 

HomeLinx enlisted Madison Technologies to recommend a cost effective, scalable and reliable network that would deliver sufficient bandwidth to cater for the planned and any potential network services.

Madison Technologies recommended a gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON). With downstream speeds of 2.5Gbps and upstream speeds of 1.25Gbps, a GPON system transmits for 20km whether it is running up and down risers, under roads or around community estates.

Greenfield developments like Wentworth Point choose GPON networks in their communities to access a number of business advantages.

The Business Benefits of GPON

Lower Capital Expenditure 

Converged network services mean there is one fibre cable to install that delivers all reticulated IP applications/services which means lower installation costs. 

Lower Operating Expenditure

Because the network infrastructure is a PON (Passive Optical Network), the fibre cabling is very low maintenance with no active components to fail. 20yr warranty.

Range of applications

There is no limit to the number of IP services that can be delivered by a GPON - Broadband, Voice, FOXTEL, Digital and Satellite TV, Access Control, CCTV and Intercom etc. 

Consistent signal to all users up to 20km

No signal quality is lost with fibre unlike copper cabling where signals distort over long distances.

Starting Smart

By deploying a GPON at the start of development, HomeLinx and the developer can cost effectively scale up the infrastructure as new buildings are added.

“Based on our experience, we would recommend Madison to other Systems Integrators. Primarily because we found Madison to be responsive to our needs, have the products we need when we need them, and have a product range big enough for every aspect of my GPON requirements.” Lou Casmiri, CEO of Homelinx