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GPON The Avenue FttH Network

The Avenue has the ideal location on one of Darwin’s highest points with panoramic views of the city, harbour and botanical gardens. The project aims to incorporate desirable features and services that will benefit both private and commercial residents as well as visitors to the precinct.

Controlability specialises in the integration of fibre networking, access  control, building control, security and energy management systems and looks to utilise the latest IP technologies offering developers, builders and residents the assurance that their communications networks will meet their needs now, and well into the future.

Secure, Fast & Built for the Future

Deliver all services on a single network 

In order for Controlability to deliver all of the services required throughout The Avenue development, they would typically be required to run a minimum of three cabling networks; twisted pair for telephone, Cat6 for security and communications and coax for television. In comparison, the GPON fibre network enables the delivery of all services across a single cabling network, reducing the physical infrastructure and labour as well as guaranteeing that the building has a secure and flexible technology platform to deliver
services as they become available.

Secure residential & commercial networks

As the building accommodates both residential and commercial customers, the network is designed so that multiple business users can operate securely over the same network. Commercial tenants can simultaneously connect to the common area Wi-Fi and securely connect back to the company LAN elsewhere in the building, whilst remaining isolated from other networks. The compact fibre splitters and reduced cable runs also mean that less space is required in the data/comms riser, necessitating a reduced footprint within the building.

Call in the fibre experts

Madison’s engineering team worked closely with Controlability throughout the entire project, assisting with network design, support and training as well as customising the ONU enclosure to meet the specific requirements for this project.

Reliable technology platform

The GPON fibre network provides the building with a reliable technology platform that delivers a number of services including telephone, high speed internet, free to air TV, Pay TV, access control, intercom, CCTV security, and iPad enabled technologies. The integration with iPad technologies allows businesses and apartment owners to adopt smart building management practices whereby they can monitor utility meters via an iPad app. 

Efficiencies all round 

With a proven track record in residential property development, the owners wanted to ensure that every aspect of the building’s design and construction was enhanced by the use of state-of-the-art technology to guarantee that the building functioned efficiently and could accommodate new services and emerging technologies.

A Madison GPON fibre network ensured that the owners could deliver all of the services required as well as allow plenty of scope for future demand. The system not only reduced the installation costs, it gave the building a point of difference in the market which has resulted in the rapid take up of both residential accommodation and commercial tenancies.

The site installation manager confirmed that “the system was easy to install, with all of the cabling pre-terminated and tested before it left the factory. We simply just plugged the fibre backbone into the OLT (optical line terminal)”. The integration and configuration
tasks were quite straightforward as all services present to the OLT as Ethernet. The IP traffic can be routed and managed in the conventional manner.

The GPON system is the mission-critical central communications distribution platform for the whole building complex and is therefore designed with redundancy, remote access and ease of service in mind. The system has redundant PSUs (power supplies), hot-swappable system control cards and port redundancy for the fibre line cards. Remote access is provided so that software updates, monitoring and maintenance can be carried out by off-site support engineers.

The site features a latest technology onsite cogeneration plant which has been installed  to optimise energy efficiencies throughout the building. With centralised chilled-water air-conditioning and hot water systems managed via the GPON system, the project delivers measureable and sustainable energy savings. This is in keeping with Controlability’s strategies for sustainable development. 

The Business Case

Whilst a GPON fibre network offers a number of operational benefits, installation into multi-dwelling units (MDUs) can also offer developers considerable cost benefits. Controlability’s financial modelling showed that once the development has over 100 units, the economies of scale really start to kick in and the installation of a GPON fibre system is in fact more cost-effective than a traditional copper network.