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GPON - Sanctuary Cove FttH Network

Located at the northern end of the Gold Coast, residents and guests of luxury community Sanctuary Cove expect a certain level of service and infrastructure. As part of the strategic plan to position the resort community for the future, Sanctuary Cove installed a fibre-to-the home (FTTH) network which delivers high speed broadband, fixed line telephone, digital television, pay-tv, video surveillance and access control system to all residences.

Luxury Living with FttH Technology

The Sanctuary Cove complex is located on waterfront land, which required the design and manufacture of specialised enclosures and fibre optic cable to suit the environment.

High expectations

The management team at Sanctuary Cove understood the community’s expectations for the latest in residential technology and security. A Fibre to the Home (FttH) network would deliver everything the community needed now and future proof the network for more bandwidth hungry applications and requirements. 

Integrating fibre technology to over 1000 homes - which ranged in age from brand new to 25 years old - presented various challenges.

Challenges on the Waterfront

The Sanctuary Cove complex is located on  waterfront land, which leads to a number of environmental issues such as moisture. The existing cabling conduit had been compressed over time by the weight of development and landfill, so installing general optical fibre would risk excessive delays and budget blowouts. 

To suit the waterfront environment, Madison Technologies designed and manufactured specialised enclosures and products, as well as a new pre-terminated fibre to fit inside the existing conduits - and supplied over 100km of this pre-terminated optical fibre for the project. 

Specialist manufacture of fibre cable & enclosures

In addition to the specialist cable, Madison also supplied optical network units, switching equipment and customised network enclosures to ensure power supply during black-outs.

Safety and security services

The access control and video surveillance system allows management to provide 24hr security as well as a medical emergency response and alarm monitoring service.

Premium services for residents

The FttH network, implemented in June 2010, delivers a full complement of services to each residence including High Speed Broadband, Fixed Line Telephone, Digital television as well as Foxtel and SelecTV pay-television.