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GPON - Entertaining a Remote Workforce

Mining companies retain workers and reduce turnover rates by providing better living conditions, facilities and technology for employees. The Origin-led Australia Pacific LNG (APLNG) Project awarded Queensland-based and privately owned, Hutchinson Builders a $51.7 million contract to provide 700 units to house mining personnel at the Condabri and Reedy Creek gas fields near Miles and Wallumbilla.

Creating hi-tech facilities for a remote workforce

APLNG wanted to build a remote residential facility that offered a high level of technology and comfort. They were specifically seeking a television and communications system to entertain the workforce in their downtime. 

Madison Technologies recommended a fibre GEPON backbone coupled with an IP TV delivery system. This solution offers capacity for multiple TV services, plus built-in redundancy for additional services such as Video-on-Demand and WiFi access points, all over the one fibre cable. 

Delivering more than TV 

The WOWtel IP TV system is used to communicate with employees via dedicated channels for announcements such as WHS messages, induction and site information. Channels are also dedicated to live weather updates, flight information, and live RSS feeds of news headlines. 

Each resident has a WOWtel Set Top Box, which streams over 100 channels via IPTV, including movies, sports, news, radio and lifestyle channels.

Madison provided the GEPON planning and design and supplied all the fibre components, head-end equipment and enclosures. Madison and WOWtel technical support performed installation and testing of the IP TV system. WOWtel offer a 24 hour support and monitoring system, however the system itself is IT based and therefore does not require outsourced maintenance. The system can be completely managed by internal IT resources. 

Simple all-in-one solution

Using a fibre network and an IP TV system rather than a normal TV-over-coax network means that the accommodation camp can access a vast number of channels without the need for additonal cabled networks, converters or equipment. 

The IP TV infrastructure is easy for the onsite IT team to manage as it is predominantly IT infrastructure, not specialist cable television. 

The modular nature of the GEPON system means that it is simple to allow for additional services such as internet, security, access control and video on demand.