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GPON - Broadband & IPTV for Mining Camps

Fredon was recently awarded a contract to supply and install the electrical and data communications network throughout APLNG’s  Pongamia Construction Camp north-east of Roma. The data network will deliver high speed data and IPTV to remote workers living on site at the 130 bed accommodation camp.

More than products and components

Evaluating the Options
When evaluating communications and IPTV backbone solutions for the Pongamia camp, Fredon investigated both a fibre/coaxial network and a Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON). After analysis, Fredon and APLNG decided that a GPON system would better meet the needs of the site. 

GPON vs Fibre/Coaxial Networks at Remote Sites

With a GPON, a single fibre backbone replaces numerous cabling systems and provides a common platform for IPTV (Free-to-Air & Pay TV), internet, telephony, video surveillance, security and access control. A GPON also reduces the head end equipment required as it utilises splitters as opposed to a fibre/coaxial network where coax splitters, fibre media converters, Ethernet switches and FOBOTs are necessary.

Key Supplier Capabilties

Fredon needed a supplier that met three particular capabilities; technical support prior to and during installation; timely delivery of the system to meet project deadlines; as well as technical support post-installation to guarantee success of the project.

It’s All Been Done Before

Fredon chose Madison as its GPON systems were successfully delivered, installed and supported at two other APLNG mining camps in Queensland; therefore Fredon was confident Madison would deliver on the three capabilities specified. 

Due to the remote locality of the site, Madison recommended pre-terminated fibre leads. Pre-terminated fibre offered fast, simple, reliable deployment and minimised on site labour which proved invaluable to Fredon contractors.

Handing Over the Reigns

The Pongamia site GPON delivers internet access and IPTV with over 130 channels including Foxtel and free-to-air television to the living zones, plus data networks for the working facility buildings, site office and reception. 

A GPON network architecture scales with site needs. Adding more channels, increasing bandwidth or establishing new services such as VoIP, access control and security services is effortless and cost effective.

“Madison offers contractors a system as opposed to components and products. With the intricacies of GPON technology, knowing that your supplier knows their product and will support you for the betterment of the project as a whole is a true advantage.” Joe Stefek, Project Manager, Fredon.