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Essentials for Track to Train Wireless Equipment in CBTC Systems

Communications-based Train Control (CBTC) is an advanced railway signalling and train management technology that delivers a safe and efficient way to control and manage increasing railway network capacity demands. 

Urban rail network operators manage the balance between maximising the safety, capacity of their rail networks while providing stakeholders with a wholly safe environment. 

Communications-based Train Control (CBTC) Systems are used to monitor and manage train locations for the purpose of maximising the capacity of the rail network. 

The wireless equipment used in CBTC systems is critical to successful and safe function of the network, and therefore needs to meet strict criteria. 

Efficiency Gains Through Precise Train Location Data 

By employing wireless data communications technology, CBTC Operators know the precise location of all trains in operation at any time. 

Operators are then able to use this data to monitor, maintain or maximise network capacity and efficiency.  

The critical wireless equipment employed in a CBTC system must provide secure, reliable and redundant communications between the trackside and the onboard equipment. 

Wireless Equipment Essentials For Reliable CBTC Systems 

The critical wireless communications equipment employed in a CBTC system must have the following attributes: 

  • Comply to the appropriate Rolling-stock (EN50155) and Trackside (EN50121-4) standards 
  • Provide secure data communications utilising the latest encryption technologies 
  • Provide the highest level of communications resilience, employing redundant communications and dual wireless technologies 
  • Implement diverse wireless technologies for enhanced wireless redundancy such as WiFi / 3G / GSM-R/ LTE etc 
  • Provide seamless fail-over between radio systems, should the primary comms path become unavailable 
  • Employ fast hand-off between trackside wireless access points capable of handling modern rolling-stock speeds in excess of 100 KPH 
  • Employ simple integration and management capabilities for on-going ease-of-maintenance 

Advantages of the Shift to CBTC Technology 

One of the big advantages of CBTC systems is the technology can be deployed in parallel with the existing signalling systems with little to no disruption to services during a migration to the new technology. 

This makes it a particularly attractive solution for Brownfield re-signalling applications 

The Sales Pitch

Madison Technologies offers a comprehensive range of Wireless & WiFi Solutions from Internationally renowned brands that are ideal for CBTC projects. 

  • Moxa Railway WiFi Solutions for Trackside and Rolling Stock 
  • Moxa Multiple Access Router 
  • Cybertec 3G and LTE Cellular Solutions for Rolling-stock 
  • ACKSYS WiFi and Cellular Routers for Rolling-stock