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Cybertec LTE Industrial Cellular Router Now With 700 MHz

Cybertec’s leading 4G cellular router, model 2455, is now available with 700 MHz technology.

The additional feature will enable the device to operate on the less-congested and lower frequency 700 MHz network (also known as Telstra's 4GX network), resulting in faster speeds, further range and penetrability, and more capacity. 

With DUAL SIM support included in the device architecture, a secondary cellular network provider can be used to alleviate potential issues with network service provider outages and increases uptime for your system. 

Incorporating an integrated two port Ethernet switch and Serial RS232 interface, the Cybertec 2455X provides secure remote cellular connectivity to a multitude of Ethernet and serial based devices. 

The Australian manufacturered Cybertec products are designed to provide the highest level of reliability and availability in harsh industrial environments.