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BGW Technologies to distribute Madison’s Rapid Deployment Camera Units

19 March 2018

Australian communication technologies company Madison Technologies, today announced a new re-seller agreement with specialist security wholesaler BGW Technologies, that sees BGW become the first officially appointed distributor of Madison’s mRDC Rapid Deployment Camera.

The coveted mRDC by Madison, is a portable IP CCTV solution that can be used in a variety of applications where power and communication infrastructure is not available, or where temporary monitoring is required, and is one of a rapidly expanding number of products in Madison’s IoT product range.

The product has been developed by Madison Technologies and is manufactured locally in Queensland.

The innovative mRDC unit provides a truly smart solution to portable integrated security surveillance; with easy one-person installation, autonomous power and 3G/4G connection; it compliments BGW Technologies’ comprehensive suite of security and surveillance products.

Madison Technologies’ Managing Director, David Redfern said, "We are delighted that our continued work in developing the mRDC has been acknowledged by BGW Technologies and that together we will increase the use of the product across Australia.’

BGW Technologies’ General Manager, Robert Meachem, said “The industry has been crying out for a completely integrated communications and surveillance solution like the mRDC. We are excited to cement this partnership with Madison Technologies and bring the mRDC Rapid Deployment Camera into our current arsenal.” 

Meachem continues, “We see huge potential for the mRDC to be used in various capacities with camera options from our Tier 1 camera brands in Pelco and Panasonic. Whether it’s one unit for a specific requirement, multiple devices for multi-site operations, and particularly in Smart Cities, we think our customers will quickly find the ideal applications.”

This week, between 21-23 March, BGW Technologies will be displaying the mRDC at the 2nd Public Venue Security Safety Summit in Melbourne.

“At the Safety Summit, we will be conducting live demonstrations of the mRDC and showing off some of the features of the unit which will appeal to users, such as the web interface battery management” Meachem said.

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