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AV Silent Auction: Ken’s Top Ten - Week One

As a part of our big Silent Auction, our AV General Manager, Ken Kyle has put together a list of ten top deals that will save you time & money!

It's been a big week in the Silent Auction. 

Thank you to everyone who has submitted bids to date. We're truly astounded with the number of competitve bids that have flooded our inboxes. Keep it up!

Don't forget: Please forward to friends who might be interested.

Ken's Top Ten:

Our Broadcast & Professional AV General Manager, Ken Kyle has put together the following ten top deals that will save you $$$$.


The Amphenol GUITAR LEADS represent great value. At a fraction of dealer price due to over-stock. See the “GD” part numbers in the “Cable Assemblies” listing.

Cable Assemblies


PA832 – AES/EBU Splitters. Always good to have these on hand for when you might need them. The opening bid price is a true bargain.


RWXLR5F/5M/2D - The “Wally Box” is a handy breakout box when deploying temporary analogue audio systems. Ask for a spec sheet if you’re not sure what it is.

Go to the Madison AV Silent Auction


9735 0601000 – AES/EBU 15pair install snake. If you’re about to do an AES install, grab a roll of this Belden cable at this special pricing.

Go to the Madison AV Silent Auction


1808A B591000 – S-Video cable sales have obviously been on the decline for some time. We’ve decided to cut and run from S-Video bulk cable now and if you have any other application for twin miniature coax cables, both this and the 1807A listed are a bargain.


2660, 2661, 2005 – Paladin die sets for the 1600 series tools at this pricing are a steal, their AUD RRP is nearly 4 times that price. Overstocked, so grab them now.

Go to the Madison AV Silent Auction


MO8 – If you own a ProCo Momentum digital Multicore system, here’s your opportunity to add an extra 8 channel output box to your inventory.

Go to the Broadcast AV Silent Auction


CA-C009E – Clockaudio boundary microphone for large surfaces, walls, or even pianos…These list at over $500.00 so an opening bid of $50.00 is a bargain indeed if you can get them for anywhere near this price.

Go to the Broadcast AV Silent Auction


6500 – Paladin 18 Tools in 1 – because everybody needs more tools….

Go to the tooling section of the Broadcast AV Silent Auction


AVE SW-HDM3D-C5-8X8 – This is an 8x8 HDMI matrix kit complete with receivers. It is a one-off bargain at anything close to this price (due to a cancelled order).

Go to the AV Signal Distribution section of the Silent Auction


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