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ATEN Vive Cooking School Case Study

VIVE Cooking School uses ATEN’s video distribution technology.

Taking  place  at  the  VIVE  Cooking  School,  guests will enjoy a  once-in-a-lifetime experience, learning to cook a meal from celebrity chef, author, host of the SBS food and travel program Destination Flavour, and 2010 MasterChef champion Adam Liaw. VIVE Cooking School uses ATEN’s video distribution technology, up-close images of Adam’s cooking will be captured and distributed throughout the facility so attendees can see exactly what is happening on stage.

✓ Need to switch cameras manually from laptop 
✓ Current device only has one video feed output
✓ No centralised control to allow for switching multiple inputs to multiple outputs
✓ Chef demonstration difficult to see for all students in room

✓ Video Matrix VM5808H and ATEN Control System VK1100  allows profiles to be pre-set so that the inputs (outputs routing is done via an online browser setup)
✓ Video Matrix VM5808H and ATEN Control System VK1100  local output for each input allows new solution to slot in with current one
✓ ATEN Control System VK1100 allows for easy switching of Video Matrix VM5808H screen setup and centralised control
✓ Allow system control from tablet

We are always looking for ways to engage and improve our Students experience at VIVE Cooking School. I am very impressed by the support and solution that ATEN has provided to our school. Not only we are now capable to deliver a higher experience thanks to ATEN seamless technology, but we know that the support team is very professional and reliable.
Jean-Luc Tan - Founder CEO.