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ATEN Meeting Room Solutions Guide

ATEN collobarative meeting room solutions. Simple, intelligent and expanable.

The nature of how we work and meet is changing. In today’s corporate climate, clear and efficient communication is an essential competitive advantage and the vast majority of that communication is undertaken in various meeting room environments. No matter whether you are looking for fluid, mobile meeting spaces or to collaborate in real-time with people all over the world, when it comes to creating the right space for the perfect meeting, training program or video conference, your meeting space technology must promote greater communication among participants and assist you in reaching your targets.

ATEN's meeting room solutions deliver the flexibility, ease-of-use and control you need for any size meeting room environment, and are designed to encourage and augment the kind of activities that are crucial to success in today’s information-centric global business world. Click here to view ATEN's Meeting Room Solutions Guide.