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Madison Technologies Telecommunications Wall Box, Telstra

PART #: MT1010B

The MT1010B is a telecommunications wall box specifically designed for external termination of Telstra residential lead in cables for telephony. The enclosure is made from UV resistant materials and is IP54 rated making it suitable for external use. The enclosure is secured with a captive Phillips/flat blade screw. Dimensions: 215mmW x 136mmW x 60mmD Telstra Serial Item #: 77/121 Carton Quantity: 20 pieces

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Capacity: This enclosure has the capacity for one 10 pair cable, 10 x 7mm cables and 2 x 7mm earth cables. Installation Practices: Wall boxes must be installed by approved and qualified installers. Contact Telstra for correct intsallation practices, or refer to the Technology Services Branch, C&C Service Document CAPA 6/99 Issue 1 or subsequent amendments.