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Madison Technologies Network Termination Device (NTD)

PART #: MT2710

The MT2710 Network Termination Device (NTD) is specifically designed to provide a weatherproof demarcation point for Telstra lead-in cables and customer cables. Line modules available include Standard (MT2712), DSL filter (MT2711) and Rural (MT2713) Line Modules, providing for simple, tool-less terminations and customisable configurations for the customer premises.

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The NTD houses up to 6 line modules or 3 line modules plus 1 rural line module. Separate lockable covers for Telco and customer access allow for basic customer-side testing whilst preventing customer access to earthing terminals and Telco connections. An earth bar is included on the Telco side for earthing the integrated over-voltage protection provided by the line modules. The enclosure is IP54 rated. Dimensions: 260mmH x 250mmW x 72mmD Telstra Serial Item #: 77/124