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IP CCTV Cameras

IP Network Camera Systems transmit vision from a network of cameras to a viable and cost-effective solution by performing the video and audio processing inside the camera.

An IP Surveillance System solves the high network bandwidth predicament, where sending high resolution MPEG4 footage can throttle network speeds.

Madison Technologies distributes and supports high resolution IP Network Cameras designed to withstand harsh environments, for both in and outside mounting locations. Our Network IP Cameras are used in security and surveillance applications across industrial, commercial and manufacturing. 

Madison Technologies is an Australian agent for MOBOTIX IP cameras and delivers a full range of thermal imaging cameras, dual lens, hemispheric lenses and housings for a range of mounting environments.

As a MOBOTIX distributor, we offer support, training and in-depth knowledge of the MOBOTIX range. We are accredited by MOBOTIX to help you to build the IP Camera Network you need.

Our range of IP CCTV Network products include features like IP65 rating, PoE, wide temperature ranges, video motion detection cameras, wireless IP, integrated digital video recorders, PTZ, thermal image sensors.

Our versatile IP video network systems are used in factory automation, underground mines, remote asset monitoring, trackside and transport applications, and of course monitoring property and people.

With Madison, you can expect a reliable and cost-effective IP security or surveillance system.