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PTL Portable Traffic Signal System – Dual


Dual - Portable Traffic Signal System is made up of 2 x Portable Traffic Signal Units and 1 x Hand-held Remote Controller.

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Major components of the Portable Traffic Signal System are the Portable Traffic Signal Unit (PTSU) slave device consisting of a tripod, the lantern head, the battery pack; and the Hand-held Remote Controller or master.

Tripod: The tripod is fabricated from stainless steel with a X15 orange powder coated finish. The length of each leg is adjustable so that it can be made stable on most terrains. There are feet at the end of each leg to aid stability and enable the application of ballast if required. The tripod stem is adjustable in height.

Lantern Heads: The lantern head is made of polycarbonate plastic. It is attached to a metal pole that fits on to the central stem of the tripod. The lantern housing is rated at IP 33 so wherever possible it should not be left in a horizontal position without a water-resistant cover. The LED lights are low profile with an IP 65 enclosure rating. These fully sealed modules are easily replaceable in the event of faults. The casing houses IP 65 rated sealed enclosures which contain communication equipment and controllers for the LEDs. The lantern head also houses the radio antenna, the GPS antenna and the rear facing visual indicator yellow flashing light for when the red aspect is illuminated.

Battery Pack: The removable battery pack contains a 12V rechargeable lithium iron phosphate battery. It is locked on to the PTSU when in use. It must be removed for recharging and transporting. The battery enclosure is permanently locked to avoid tampering. Access keys are held by the manufacturer. Any forced attempt to access the enclosure will void warranties.

HRC: The Hand-held Remote Controller (HRC) is the device that controls the whole PTSS. It communicates with the PTSUs using radio communications on the unlicensed 915 MHz spectrum. The HRC acts as the master controller and notifies the user of any faults or issues, such as a moved PTSU. The HRC is rechargeable and has a USB data connection cable for charging.