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Huawei SmartAX MA5694S

PART #: H MA5694S

Huawei SmartAX MA5694S is one of the integrated optical network units (ONU) designed specifically for mobile backhaul (MBH), which supports flexible GPON/GE/VDSL2 uplink, and four GE downlink access. MA5694S can can be used for 2G/3G/4G/WLAN wireless backhaul system. The MA5694S supports integrated installation with BTS (DOCK), or pole and wall installation.

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When MA5694S be used in wireless backhaul system. It connects to RNC/SGW through OLT by GPON, GE or VDSL2 port, and connects to Node B/eNode B or AP by GE port. MA5694S support 1588V2 and Eth Sync high accuracy clock system. Provide high quality mobile service interface. As a integrated outdoor design, MA5694S support IP65 protection, can be installed together with LTE BTS, and support pole or wall installation. Support AC power supply and AC power passing by function; also support POE to provide power for base station or AP which cannot reach power supply. It will be very convenient for select station address. As shown in figure 1.


• Support 1588V2 based on GPON/GE/DSL, provide high quality sync. signal for BTS.
• High reliability: metallic shell and passive cooling, Anti-condensation design, 6KV lighting proof capability. Support IP65 protection.
• Wide working temperature range from –40°Cto 55°C, meeting extreme weather conditions.
• Support GPON Type B protection. Switchover time <50ms.
• Auto-adaptive GE/FE electrical ports and configurable RS485/RS232 serial ports, reducing the number of operation times
• Support AC power input and AC power passing by function, wide range voltage: AC 90V?300V.
•Support POE function, can provide power for BTS, AP or other transmission device.
• Support Y.1731 Ethernet link monitor function, support 802.3ah and 802.1ag, quickly diagnose and report.