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Carrier Networking

Madison Technologies brings together detailed knowledge of local network practices and innovative products from key technology partners with global resources.  These supplier relationships coupled with local engineering capabilities have proven to be a successful formula for introducing innovation, flexibility and practicality to many Australian Telco applications.

Madison Technologies has specialist expertise, product design capabilities, a long history of reliable high-volume contract supply, and commercially competitive pricing levels.  Products such as CCF/MDF Blocks, VDSL Filters, OVP, cabinets and racks of all types, cabling, cable assembly and underground joints are core business.  The broad product portfolio includes power supplies, cooling systems, alarm systems, integration, and staging.

The key brands represented by Madison Technologies are 3M, Orlite, Tii, Tank and Nexans.  Solutions are engineered around these companies’ products to provide a best-fit to local requirements.