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Madison Technologies Overvoltage Protection Magazine

PART #: MT24051

The MT24050 is an emply/loaded overvoltage protection magazine that can be equipped with gas filled surge protectors to protect sensitive telecommunications equipment from transient surge voltages. The magazine accomodates 10 x MT24030-230 gas arrestors and can be fitted to the front of 10 Pair disconnection, connection or TRC earth modules. ACA Compliant.

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Overvoltage Protection Magazine

Madison Technologies Overvoltage Protection Magazine provides protection for individual pairs in a 10 pair disconnect module. As a front-mount magazine, it can be added or removed from the circuit without disruption to services. Adaptor clips can be used to ensure proper contact between the arrestor and profile frame.

Summary of benefits

• Equipped with 10 pieces
• 3 Electrode arrestors
• 230 Volts
• ACMA compliant
• Suits Standard and Profile Frames
• Fast Response Time
• Very High Current Rating
• Very Low Capacitance
• High Quality EPCOS Gas Arrestor