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Cabling Accessories

Madison offers its customers complete end-to-end cabling solutions by stocking a wide range of accessories to connect your network.  If you’re buying the cable from Madison, then highly likely we’ll also have the connectors you need at each end, as well as passive and active networking products, racks, cable management, and terminating tools.

Our range includes cabling accessories from over 12 leading brands, such as; 3M, Amphenol, Argent, Belden, Bittree, Garland, Greenlee (Paladin), Kings, Lemo, Perfect Path, R&M, and Ruslyn.

Our cable accessories includes:

Cable Management:  Cable Reels, Cordwheel, Cable Management Bars & Rings, Velcro Cable Ties,

Connectors & Adaptors:  Audio & Video Baluns, RJ45 (Cat5e, Cat6, Cat7, & 10GX), Optical Fibre (SC, ST, FC, LC, & MPO), Network Security Systems to prevent accidental removal of connectors,

Distribution Frames:  IDC Modules, Over Voltage Protection Magazines, Backmount & Jumperable Frames.

Enclosures:  IDF, FDP & MDF Distribution Enclosures, Internal & External Metal Enclosures, Record Books & Cards, Weatherproof MDF’s, Fibre Splice Trays, and Underground Re-enterable Enclosures.

Patch Panels:  24 Port, 48 Port, & High Density 1RU 50 Port Panels.

Racks:  Wall & Floor Mount Racks, Rack Frames, Server Racks, Doors, Side Panels, Shelves, Blank Panels, Power Rails, Fans, and Cable Management.

Tools:  Cable Cutters, Cable Strippers, Coax Crimp Tools & Die Sets, WECO Removal Tools, and Tool Kits.