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Cable Assemblies

Madison offers a complete range of high quality pre-made and custom manufactured cable assemblies and wiring harnesses to simplify onsite installations.

Whether it’s a one off assembly, or high volume production line quantities, our local in-house facility can get you what you need, fast.  We only manufacture cable assemblies using high quality cables and connectors from leading brands such as 3M, Amphenol, Belden, Bittree, Garland, Kings, Lemo, Nexans, Perfect Path, ProCo, and Roadworx.   All custom cable assemblies are tested and labelled (if required) according to relevant industry standards.

Our cable assembly range is perfectly suited for a number of applications and industries including:

AV/Broadcast: Bantam (TT), BNC, Component and Composite Video, DVI, HD15, HDMI, Long Frame Audio, Mini WECO, Multitrack, Optical Fibre, Phono/TRS/TS, RCA, RJ45, Studio Harnesses, S-Video, Triaxial, VGA, WECO, and XLR.

Data Networking:  RJ45 Patch Leads (Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a, Cat7 & 10GX), U/UTP & S/FTP Patch Leads, Optical Fibre Pigtails, Optical Fibre Patch Cords (SC, ST, FC, LC, & MPO), Harsh Environment (IP20 & IP67).

Telecommunications:  25 Pair Cat3, Power Sum, DSL, Pre-Terminated High Density Distribution Frame with Telco Tails, and DDF Test Leads.