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Garland Cables GLT-AB series Loose Tube Optical Fibre Cable

PART #: GLT Series

External Loose tube cable consisting of 6 loose tubes or filler (as applicable) stranded around a central strength member with a dry Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP) water blocking between tubes, two rip cords, overall UV stabilized PE jacket and an outer Nylon termite barrier.

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Based on a central strength member surrounded by up to six small diametre loose tubes, this product range is set to modernise Garland's optical fibre range.

The AB series comes with a UV stabilised polyethylene jacket and an outer nylon 12 termite barrier making this cable suitable for duct and direct burial appilcations. The 6-around-1 construction is available in fibre counts from as low as 4 fibre up to a maximum of 72 fibres. To stop water penetrating teh cable, each tube is jelly filled and the space between tubes is blocked using SAP dry-blocking technology. Two high strength rip cords are embedded under the PE jacket to allow for easy stripping of long lengths of cable.

Available in all fibre types and RCM compliant, these cables are ideally suited to both long and short haul applications.

Standard lengths are 2, 4 and 6 km