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ATEN Inductive Proximity Door Sensor

PART #: AT-EA1441

Inductive Proximity Door Sensor

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* The Sensor is an optional accessory and you can use the ATEN PDU without the door sensors. However, if you want to have complete security management of your data centre with the full use of ATEN solutions, a sensor installation is required.

**Support PE7/PE8/PE9 series only
Operating voltage10-30 VDC
Ripple of power20% peak to peak
Current Consumption10 mA(Max)
Sensing distance5.0 mm
Hysteresis10% of sensing distance max
Response frequency800 Hz(Min)
Output methodPNP
Output current150 mA(Max)
Residual voltage0.1 V(max)
Leakage current0.8 mA(Max)
Protection circuitShort circuit & polarity reversed protection
Dielectric strength2.5 kv / 1 minute(Min)
Insulation strength100 M? / 500 VDC
Operating Temperature-20°C-80°C
Humidity35%-95% RH
Protection classIP-67