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VOSCOM 8-Channel Duplex Fibre Optic Audio Links

PART #: VOS-0800DT/R

• 24-Bit Digitally Encoded Analog Audio
• Support Multi-mode Fibre up to 2km
• Support Single-mode Fibre up to 100km
• Single-Fibre Digital Transmission
• Stand-alone or Rack-mount

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Fibre Optic Audio Links VOS-0800DT/R provides for the 24-Bit digital transmission of 8-Channel Duplex Unbalanced Analog Audio. Ideal for Broadcast / Studio, CCTV audio and Professional AV applications.

Stand-alone or rack-mount. All Fibre Optic Audio Links units of VOS-0800DT/R come in an insert card version.The cards can be inserted into our 14-slot, 19inch 4U or 6U rack-mountable card cage (VOS-CH04 or VOS-CH06). The card version of this model require two slots widths.

Single-Mode or Multi-Mode, VOS-0800DT/R can support FC /PC or ST/PC Optical connector, can be used in Daisy-Chain system (Need to customize). The Transmission distance range according to the Optical Budget. Manufacturer's standard is: Single-mode 20km or Multi-mode 2km.