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Roadworx Analog Audio Snake, 6 pair, 24AWG, Grey 500m reels

PART #: RW220624GY500

24 AWG Stranded Tinned Copper Conductor, Polyethylene Insulated, Twinned, Individual Aluminimum Laminate Screened, Individual PVC Jacketed, Cabled, Wrapped, Overall PVC Jacketed, 6 Pair Analog Audio Snake Cable

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RoadWorx analog audio snake cables are designed with the sound performance industry in mind. Analog audio snake cables are of twisted pair design and are available in a number of pair counts.
Each pair is individually screened and options include individual and overall jacketed versions (R22 series), individually screened with an overall jacket only (R23 series) and individually screened, individual and overall jacketed super flex (R24 series). Individually jacketed versions have colour coded individual jackets to facilitate easy pair identification.
Screening is offered in two options. For fixed or low movement installs such as studio or in-building installations, aluminium laminate screens provide a low cost solution (R22 and R23 series). Where movement is more frequent and extreme, as is experienced when doing live performances, braided screens are offered on the super flex range (R24 series). Bradied screen designs also offer improved noise rejection when running analog snake cables close to power or lighting cables.
Pack Size500
Suitable ApplicationsSnake cables are used to connect multiple audio channels in low-level(microphone) and high-level(line) componentry such as console board equipment for recording studios, radio and television stations, post production facilities, and sound system installations.
ROHS CompliantYes
# of Cores/Pairs
# Pairs6
Conductor Characteristics
Stranding (mm)7/0.20
Area (mm2)0.22
Diametre (mm)0.6
Nominal Thickness (mm)0.25
Nominal OD (mm)1.1
Drain Wire
Area (mm2)0.22
Diametre (mm)0.2
MaterialAl. Foil
Coverage (%)100%
MaterialPolyester Tape
Coverage (%)100%
Inner Sheath
Nominal Thickness (mm)0.3
Nominal OD (mm)2.9
Outer Sheath
Nominal Thickness (mm)0.8
Nominal OD (mm)10.1
Physical Characteristics
Inner Sheath - Elongation at BBA≥300%
Outer Sheath - Elongation at BBA≥100%
Tensile Strength Before Aging≥12 N/mm2
Electrical Properties
Max. Conductor DC Resistance @ 20°C93.25 ohm/km
Voltage Test: Conductor to core1000V a.c/1min
Mechanical Properties
Operating Temp Range-15 to 70℃
Max. Recommended Pulling Tension184N
Min Bend Radius (Install)101mm
Approximate Mass(kgs/100m)12.34kg/100m
Supply Information
Pack TypeWooden Reel
DimensionsW58 x H27.4cm