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Vivi - Connecting devices, screens and people in business.

Vivi Business is a wireless screen-mirroring solution for meeting rooms and boardrooms that works seamlessly with devices and displays of all kinds.

With Vivi, you can login and present to the screen instantly. No cables, no dongles and no tech hassles. Saving you time at the start of every meeting, allowing you to focus on your presentation. And making everyone feel part of the team too, knowing they can share their screen and contribute their ideas at the touch of a button.

Screen mirroring with Vivi is as user-friendly for visitors as it is for staff. Anyone can download the app and any staff member can grant them access, instantly, without the need for IT help. The seamless Vivi experience will leave a powerful impression on everyone who works with your business.

Vivi’s Admin Portal is a dream come true for IT. Instead of managing meeting rooms individually, you can keep on top of the entire system via the cloud. User and device management, bulk firmware updates, system health notifications – it’s all covered. And true cross-platform compatibility and reliability reduces the troubleshooting call-outs too.

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